travel description for your journey to Wittenberge

Wittenberge is a city at the Elbe river in the western corner of the state of Brandenburg, halfway between Hamburg and Berlin. To get there just follow our easy instructions.

by bicycle

From Hamburg just follow the famous Elbe river bike path until you hit Wittenberge after about 170 km. From Berlin follow the Havel river path till Havelberg and the Elbe river path until Wittenberge. The journey is also about 170 km.

by vehicle

For your navi use our street address: Auguststr. 31, 19322 Wittenberge

by train

Take the train to the city of Wittenberge (not Wittenberg). the apartment is 7 min walking distance from the train station.

by airplane

From Tegel Airport in Berlin to Wittenberge the total fare is about 20.00 € if you use the local train.

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